VegNews TV: Vegan Maple Bacon Cupcakes


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Published on Aug 23, 2012 by

Learn how to make a vegan maple bacon cupcakes with the team behind the Australian-based vegan bakery Mister Nice Guy. For the full recipe, visit:


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  • Sorry but the music is really in the foreground too much, making it difficult to understand the hosts. Not to mention just being annoying. Recipe looks interesting.

  • A glitch in the matrix: Watch the chunk of mix in the bowl go upwards @ 1:20

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  • 100 times less healthy than just eating bacon. vegans are dumb.

  • Rubbish music.

  • Why do vegans, who don't like meat, emulate products with meat? A veggie burger is a contradiction in terms, much like a vegan maple bacon cupcake is. It's sort of like a carnivore preparing a meat salad.

  • The music is nice but FAAARRRR too loud and it is hard to hear your steps guidance. The recipe sounds strange but it could be tasty;nevertheless I don't get the vegan thing with bacon...Chikens are not nuggets but porks are not bacon either,isn't it?

  • This recipe was approved by Terence and Philip!

  • I'm sorry but bacon doesn't go with cupcakes even if its vegan or what ever. god put cows, chickens, fish on the planet for a reason

  • Not professional == ''

  • vegan bacon...say it aint so

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