A Small Gesture Can Mean A Lot


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Published on Oct 14, 2012 by

A small gesture means so much. Respect.
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  • Based on past YouTube videos I have seen of Russian drivers, I was expecting him to beat her with a bat. Glad it turned out otherwise. Nice job and keep up the good work!

  • Thank You kind sir and the woman who stepped in after for taking the time to see and understand that this woman needed a bit of assistance and then you gave it ... Bravo This is what we all need to be doing ... this is an example to follow. Thank You for the posting of this as well. Love to All

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  • Why can't a fucken old lady can't walk to the other side by herself. Didn't she do that more then 500 times when she was younger.??????? She's a fucken trololollll

  • If this was in Los Angeles, California you would have gotten traffic violation(s) an your car would have been impounded, and the old lady would have probably beat you with her purse. Oh I forgot it's 2012, that bitch would have probably tasered you.

  • Nice to see this. Too bad the people in this world are too stupid to do this kind of stuff alll the time.

  • Spread Love, Light, and Respect. Well done.

  • Faith in humanity restored!

  • It woulda been more funny if you went over and gave his a punch in the nads

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