Christopher Walken Reads "Honey Boo Boo"!


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Published on Oct 10, 2012 by

Christopher Walken, Colin Farrell and Sam Rockwell use their dramatic talents to reenact scenes from America's #1 child-beauty-pagent-coupon-queen-sketti-eatin' show, "Here comes Honey Boo Boo".

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Hosted by Hal Rudnick
Created & Directed by Andy Signore & Brett Weiner
Written by Andy Signore, Brett Weiner, Dan Perrault and Hal Rudnick
Edited by Dan Murrell

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  • Needs more cowbell

  • I'm from the south and I found this absolutely hilarious and not offensive. lmao

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  • So why does every video on YouTube comments contain 80% spam?

  • Wow, nailed it! It's sad to see the state of TV today. Honey Boo hicks-ploitation anyone? Find some quirky rednecks & broadcast. Let people can feel good they aren't those ridiculous schmucks. Sadly we only have ourselves to blame. If no one watched this garbage it wouldn't stay on the air. Shame on the viewers. And on The Learning Channel? WTF are we supposed to be learning? Oh yeah, how incredibly far we have lowered the bar on standards of taste. Now excuse me why i go throw up


  • Walky Walk Bear

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