Hacked portal gun actually levitates a companion cube


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Published on Oct 11, 2012 by

hackaday hacks a prop portal gun to actually levitate a companion cube.

I was out to lunch with a couple friends, brainstorming ideas for fun projects when one of them says "Wouldn't it be cool if we could build a working gravity gun?". We all immediately concurred that while it would in fact be cool, it is also a silly proposition. However, only a few seconds later, I realized we could do a display piece that emulated this concept very easily. Floating magnetic globes have been around for quite some time.

I determined I would tear the guts out of a stock floating globe and mount it on a portal gun, since they're easier to find than a gravity gun. I would also build a custom companion cube to be the correct size and weight necessary.

Go to the project link to see how I hacked this portal gun to actually float a companion cube.

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  • i have officially hacked the top comments! Now all thats left is to curl up in a ball and shake for a few hours.

  • Watch my channel please :3

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