Kix Brooks - Bring It On Home


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Published on Oct 8, 2012 by

Music video by Kix Brooks performing Bring It On Home. (C) 2012 Sony Music Entertainment




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  • both brooks and dunn are musical genius' but i think we all agree they were better together!!

  • @gqebeni true true this song is the best! Hey you can use this to listen in mp3 -->

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  • Love me so Kix ...... and hahaha did you catch 50 shades ;) .... Bring it on Home Brooks!

  • Love the song but the video is BS.. I mean, iMessage NEVER works that well!

  • This song is made for my life. It fits it too a "T". I am finally in a stable and secure relationship that I don't have to worry about. Thank you Kix !!!!

  • eww i hate country

  • I love this song!

  • Ronnie suffers from Willie Nelson syndrome ( Singing Through The Nose ) Some people love it & others find it Nerve-Grating...To me it depends on the song ;- )

  • im a 13 year old girl who would rather listen to this than 1D or justin bieber...ew

  • Wow i hardly listen or actually never hear country music because over herein southern california we dont even hear this :( !, but when i saw this song on youtube wanted to try it out and i actually love the song!!! going to hear more country music :)

  • I remember seeing Brooks & Dunn in 93 opening for Reba for the HWM tour..Both Kix & Ronnie are amazing song writers & just as amazing singer/performers..Every video they did was like a fender advert..constant rotation of strat.tele.acoustic & that led me to me believe, these guys are pickers (the real deal)..I went to the show, the lights went up & the curtain dropped & during every guitar solo kix stepped up spotlight tracked him on stage miming the solo as the guy playing was hidden from view

  • lol @ 50 shades of allbooks really

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