Bill Nye Needs You to Help Save Planetary Exploration


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Published on Oct 11, 2012 by

Bill Nye needs your help! We're writing the President of the United States, asking him to restore the funding cuts to NASA's planetary exploration program. Learn more and write your own letter at:


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  • All of the people trying to rain on this video.. if we have billions to spend on defense, wars, and destruction, why is it so inconceivable to spend money on advancing the human race: creation and exploration. It CREATES more jobs for those talking about hungry families. And the past 40-50 years have shown that space technology has furthered and enhanced the technology you use EVERY DAY.

  • NASA is one of the few good government organizations. For obashit to cut that is just appalling. Even he knows better.

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  • It's fine to fund all the "science" you want but doesn't anyone remember all the well to do scientists that were held at gun point during WW2 to create all the wonderful weapons of mass destruction we seem to love so much today? It happened then, its happening now, and yes our our of control (apologies in advance) redneck government will continue on this path... WW2 ended with a nuke, can't wait to see what fun new toy the next one will begin with.

  • Self loathing aside, Fukushima, Chernobyl, and the 2000+ nukes detonated since WW2, has cause my third ear to have this unbearable ring in it.

  • I remember last year in 6th grade our science teacher made us watch bill bye the science guy he was younger

  • Yes, that sounds like a great idea, you fool. You think me even giving you my home address you would do anything about it? You do realise as well, that if you came anywhere near me or my family, that it isn't you tube friendly, you have a right to be smashed the fuck into. "Was Daddy never around? Does no-one love you? Your such a sad little cretin." Felt that had to be said again. Wait a minute, your just a trash talking little fuck from 'MERICA, I should have expected this retard talk. Cunt.

  • nasa's budget is less than a quarter of one percent of the total budget. cutting money from nasa won't even put dent in the problem.

  • Some of these comments show just how ignorant most Americans are. Yes, America is in debt, but do you not realize just how many billions of dollars are wasted by the US, still? This needs to be heard and space exploration deserves a spotlight. I'm fully in support of this and always will be. Some of the youth of today have absolutely no desire to futher their knowledge in science and that's extremely disappointing. Wake up people. Do you not want to educate yourselves further??

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