Center for Disease Control issues zombie apocalypse preparedness alert


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Uploaded by on May 19, 2011

This is not made up stuff.Check to see the report. Just their way of saying we told people so you can't blame us if you are not ready.


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  • You do realise that the article written by the CDC was satirical, and a way of getting people to think about natural disasters (earthquakes, storms etc). You are a moron if you genuinely believe that the dead can rise again. Do you know what the truth is about nano tachnology? It is being used to create extremely thin and strong materials for building, not for reanimating the dead lol. Also there is no disease that can cause the dead to reanimate. Dead = Dead.

  • OK!? First, I agree: dead is dead. Like I have said in other videos that I believe that it would be a rage or rabies type scenario which could result in a "zombie" outbreak. Second, look into what medical type research is being done with nano technology. Combining nanobots with virus' to manipulate them and continue to function after the virus dies off. Moron? No. Thinking outside the box, yea. Name calling does no good. Research does. Check into some of it.

  • The research being done into bio nao tech is aimed at treating cancer predominantly, and is deacades away from being usable. I agree with you that the military could misuse the technology, but not to create zombies. There are no known diseases that would cause canibalism, or violence (rabies can cause eratic behaiour, but this behaviour is not the same in each case, and does not cause infected to attack other people).

  • Not yet. With the lack of common sense, corporations and governments around the world do very stupid things. Weaponized small pox just to name one. The Koreans have been trying to reannimate for awhile, and GOD only knows what they are trying to do with rabies. Have you seen the vid of the fox repeatedly attacking the guy in the parking lot? He kicked the shit out of it like 4 times, it would not stop attacking him. Think if they get a weaponized version of that, not good. We are cattle to them.

  • I just put it in the description.

    This is the CDC page that has the info. Hope it helps.

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  • and to add to this, the latest now, a cannibal was released to the public and caused an old man his face. how about that? =( Everything they did in the movies are coming true.

  • saying. Something really bad has happend in the past few months and I think more is still to come. More than we expected........

  • Ok. Everyone is stupid if you think that ZOMBIES are the dead riseing. No. ZOMBIES are humans affected by a biological hazard. Many units of hazmat personeal show up, quarantine the area, clean it up, and tell peopleit is safe to go back. But what happens when they think it's safe? The hazard mutates. Turns into this crazy virus that gives them zombie symptoms while affecting the brain. And yes viruses mutate. Why do you think we get a flu shot and we still get the flu? The flu mutated.Im just

  • The 3 diseases you metion do not cause rage...rabies in Humans causes hydrophobia (fear of water) and can make the infected person delerious. If these diseases are weaponised, it is not to cause the infected to attack non infected, but rather to simply wipe people out via direct infection. I do not disagree that any disease could potentially be weaponised, and that is a horrible thing to happen, but it helps no one to suggest that Zombies are real, it just makes you look a bit silly.

  • No, I am just a biochemist with specialism in molecular biology. Of course the conspiracy theorists are correct and all the science in the world is not true...instead there is a secret science that exists that only the speacial people know about it, where diseases can be manufactured to demand to produce effects that do not exist anywhere in nature. And the dead can be raised as canibalistic bioweapons. We really live in an 80's horror film, why didnt I see it before? :)

  • "Dead" isn't necessarily needed, in zombie mythology that is. I, for one, do not believe that zombies could ever happen. Of course, I said "believe", not "know".

    The only thing that keeps me from "knowing" zombies are impossible is "Leucochloridium Paradoxum".

    May want to read about that.

  • dude trolls settle down. obviously the cdc did not actually mean zombies. zombies are technically undead beings. which in itself is impossible. however if you research more you can find that many diseases including mad cow disease, rabies, and smallpox, etc. are constantly trying to be weaponized by terrorists.these would most likely not cause any type of cannibalism but they do cause anger and rage and take away most of the human conscience, widespread panic.

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