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Family, Drama
Running time:
Partner rating:
480 (DVD equivalent)

Cast & Crew


  1. Asa Butterfield Hugo Cabret
  2. Jude Law
  3. Chloe Moretz
  4. Emily Mortimer Lisette
  5. Sacha Baron Cohen Station Inspector
  6. Ben Kingsley Georges Méliès
  7. Chloë Moretz Isabelle
  8. Ray Winstone Uncle Claude
  9. Christopher Lee Monsieur Labisse
  10. Helen McCrory Mama Jeanne
  11. Michael Stuhlbarg Rene Tabard
  12. Frances de la Tour Madame Emilie


  1. Martin Scorsese


  1. Martin Scorsese
  2. Johnny Depp
  3. Tim Headington
  4. Graham King


  1. John Logan
  2. Brian Selznick

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Trailer for Hugo

Martin Scorsese's adaptation of Brian Selznick's award-winning novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret stars Asa Butterfield, as an orphan boy who lives in a Parisian train station. Sent to live with his drunken uncle after his father's death in a fire, Hugo learned how to wind the massive clocks that run throughout the station. When the uncle disappears one day, Hugo decides to maintain the clocks on his own, hoping nobody will catch on to him squ... Martin Scorsese's adaptation of Brian Selznick's award-winning novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret stars Asa Butterfield, as an orphan boy who lives in a Parisian train station. Sent to live with his drunken uncle after his father's death in a fire, Hugo learned how to wind the massive clocks that run throughout the station. When the uncle disappears one day, Hugo decides to maintain the clocks on his own, hoping nobody will catch on to him squatting in the station. His natural aptitude for engineering leads him to steal gears, tools, and other items from a toy-shop owner who maintains a storefront in the station. Hugo needs these purloined pieces in order to rebuild a mechanical man that was left in the father's care at the museum -- the restoration was a project father and son did together. When Georges (Ben Kingsley), the old man who runs the toy stand, catches on to the thievery, he threatens to turn Hugo over to the station's lone police officer (Sacha Baron Cohen, who makes every effort to send any parentless child in the station to the orphanage. But Hugo's run-in with Georges leads to a friendship with the elderly gentleman's goddaughter, Isabelle (Chloe Grace Moretz), who unknowingly possesses the last item Hugo needs to make the mechanical man work again.

Reviews by Rotten Tomatoes

Scored 'fresh' by Rotten Tomatoes

94%Tomatometer score: 94% positive reviews from professional critics.

percent positive reviews

  1. Positive review
    Andrew L. Urban, Urban Cinefile Never mind that the tone wavers and the pace is mostly plodding, the film champions all the right things and the beautifully crafted images (in 3D glory) leave a lasting impression Full review External link
  2. Positive review
    Louise Keller, Urban Cinefile There are many lovely things in this film it is easy to forgive its small shortcomings Full review External link
  3. Positive review
    Simon Miraudo, Quickflix You can practically feel time stop in sync with the audience's halted breath. It's nothing short of wizardry. Full review External link
  4. Positive review
    Thomas Caldwell, Cinema Autopsy In Hugo Scorsese not only tells an important story about early cinema, but delivers a film that is a passionate and convincing reminder of the essential role art and imagination should play in our... Full review External link
  5. Positive review
    Don Groves, Scorsese's exuberant, magical odyssey transports audiences to the dawn of cinema. Full review External link

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  1. ThumbnailPlay video in overlay9:17

    CBS Sunday Morning - Making Hugo: Martin Scorsese's first family film

    Martin Scorsese, director of "Hugo," the most nominated film at this year's upcoming Academy Awards, spoke with Lesley Stahl who finds out why the "Maestro o...

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  2. ThumbnailPlay video in overlay4:06

    "Hugo" cast brings Scorsese's vision to life's Ken Lombardi speaks with Sir Ben Kingsley, Asa Butterfield, and Chloe Grace Moretz, stars of Martin Scorsese's new 3D family film, "Hugo," abo...

    by CBSNewsOnline
  3. ThumbnailPlay video in overlay4:38

    Martin Scorsese's Hugo

    Brian Selznick, writer of The Invention of Hugo Cabret, reflects on the experience of having Martin Scorsese adapt his book for the screen.

    by CBCtv
  4. ThumbnailPlay video in overlay4:15

    Hugo - Chloe Moretz and Asa Butterfield

    The two young stars of Martin Scorsese's "Hugo" talk to HitFix

    by hitfixcom
  5. ThumbnailPlay video in overlay3:17

    Sir Ben Kingsley Talks About "Hugo" It was truly an honor meeting the legendary actor, Sir Ben Kingsley. He won an Osc...

    by MannyTheMovieGuy
  6. ThumbnailPlay video in overlay5:42

    CBS Sunday Morning - Lost art of Automatons alive again

    From the bestselling children's novel "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" to the Oscar nominated film "Hugo," automatons - mechanical marvels from a time gone by ...

    by CBSNewsOnline
  7. ThumbnailPlay video in overlay4:20

    Martin Scorsese Interview -- Hugo

    The Oscar-winning director on adapting a children's book and going 3D... Want to keep up to date with everything going on in the world of film? Follow us ...

    by Empiremagazine
  8. ThumbnailPlay video in overlay2:13

    James Cameron and Martin Scorsese on Hugo's 3D Special Effects

    After a screening of 'Hugo' at L.A.'s DGA Theater, THR sat down with a laudatory James Cameron, who was in attendance, and Scorsese for an exclusive discussi...

    by thrnetwork
  9. ThumbnailPlay video in overlay4:32

    Graham King Interview -- Hugo

    The producer talks working with Scorsese, going 3D and what's next... Want to keep up to date with everything going on in the world of film? Follow u...

    by Empiremagazine
  10. ThumbnailPlay video in overlay7:38

    Martin Scorsese Tackles 3-D in 'Hugo'

    The legendary filmmaker on embracing 3-D in this unique departure. For a related story go here:

    by ABCNews
  11. ThumbnailPlay video in overlay5:27

    'Extra' Raw! Scorsese and Sacha Baron Cohen Talk 'Hugo'

    Acclaimed "Hugo" director Martin Scorsese and actor Sacha Baron Cohen -- who voices the film's Station Inspector -- sat down with "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli to...

    by extratv
  12. ThumbnailPlay video in overlay3:55

    Chloe Grace Moretz talks HUGO & KICK ASS 2 with Asa Butterfield

    Starring in Martin Scorsese's HUGO - Chloë Moretz & Asa Butterfield talk to Paul Byrne for

    by moviesireland
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    Emily Mortimer Talks About "Hugo" The sweet, sweet Emily Mortimer stars as Lisette, the flower seller, in the new Mar...

    by MannyTheMovieGuy
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    Richard Roeper's Reviews - Hugo Review

    Richard Roeper reviews Martin Scorsese's Hugo For more news, interviews, showtimes, clips, and trailers go to: Connect with other mov...

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    Martin Scorsese Wins Best Director Motion Picture
 - Golden Globes 2012

    Angelina Jolie presents the award for Best Director of a Motion Picture to Martin Scorsese for "Hugo". He thanks the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, his...

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