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Animation, Comedy, Family
Running time:
Partner rating:
480 (DVD equivalent)

Cast & Crew


  1. Ben Stiller[Alex]
  2. Chris Rock [Marty]
  3. David Schwimmer [Melam]
  4. Jada Pinkett-Smith [Gloria]
  5. Sacha Baron Cohen [Julien]
  6. Ben Stiller Alex
  7. Chris Rock Marty
  8. David Schwimmer Melman
  9. Jada Pinkett Smith Gloria
  10. Sacha Baron Cohen Julien
  11. Cedric the Entertainer Maurice
  12. Andy Richter Mort
  13. Tom McGrath Skipper
  14. Frances McDormand Captain Chantal Dubois
  15. Jessica Chastain Gia


  1. Eric Darnell
  2. Conrad Vernon
  3. Tom McGrath


  1. Mireille Soria
  2. Mark Swift


  1. Eric Darnell
  2. Noah Baumbach

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Madagascar 3

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Trailer for Madagascar 3

The third entry in the Madagascar franchise finds the tightknit group of animals joining a traveling circus in order to get back home. Noah Baumbach provides the script, with Eric Darnell handling director duties. Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Sacha Baron Cohen reprise the voice roles, with Frances McDormand stepping in as the villain.

Reviews by Rotten Tomatoes

Scored 'fresh' by Rotten Tomatoes

78%Tomatometer score: 78% positive reviews from professional critics.

percent positive reviews

  1. Positive review
    Jim Schembri, 3AW In what could have been an extreme reaction to a paranoid fear of going stale, the film's directing triad - Tom McGrath, Eric Darnell and Conrad Vernon - have dialled up the crazy big-time; the... Full review External link
  2. Positive review
    David Michael Brown, Empire Magazine Australasia Bright, colourful and fun. Full review External link
  3. Positive review
    CJ Johnson, FILMINK (Australia) Genuinely funny and gleefully entertaining, its creators aren't afraid to throw everything they've got at the screen to see what sticks - and a lot of it does. Full review External link
  4. Positive review
    Leigh Paatsch, Herald Sun (Australia) For now, it is a downright delight to sit back and watch the likes of the loony lemur king Julien do anything and everything to entertain you. Full review External link
  5. Positive review
    Margaret Pomeranz, At the Movies (Australia) Perhaps the spectacle overwhelms the characters at times but this is a fun addition to this particular series. Full review External link

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