Dawn Richard - Wild N' Faith [Dance Version]


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Published on Sep 19, 2012 by

Purchase "Armor On" EP by Dawn Richard.
Debut album "GoldenHeart" will be available October 16th.
Music Video directed by ELY [www.menageriefilm.com]

Armor On [EP] on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/ArmorOn
Armor On [EP] on Amazon: http://smarturl.it/ArmorOnAmazon
Armor On [EP] on Google Play: http://smarturl.it/ArmorOnGooglePlay

Tumblr: http://dawnrichard.tumblr.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/DawnRichard
Facebook: http://facebook.com/GoldenHeartProject

Booking Contact: FRichard@cbafreedom.com




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  • I don't get the point of some of you HATING ASS people coming on her videos, if you not feeling her. You trying to make your name famous because no one really cares what you saying. Her fans/hearts love her and appreciate her versatility. From pop to Hip hop and now to the Raw R&B.. Dawn is TALENTED. Nay Sayers go find another hobby besides hating on the TRUTH. #1heart4life. #TeamDawn.. Call me a groupie, who cares, Dawn just put the pulse back in R&B. PERIOD!!!

  • I cant wait to see her solo career, she always been my favorite since Danity Kane!

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  • Thats why she was in a girl group.. She's just not good by herself...

  • ...had to come through & watch it for the umpteenth time lol... >.<

  • This is so amazing, unique, wonderful oh my god they all are soo great!! What a choreography!! I wish I'll be able to do that like this :O

  • every dance she has done in her videos have been on pointT hate this chick but shes forsuree growing on me.. shes talent right there... still an aubrey fan tho

  • Umm see some haters on here! And I just wanna know if you dnt like her why would you watch the hole dame video? All your doing is giving her life haha. I know I would not waste my time going to someone you to page, watch the damn video, then leave a rude comment! Wtf? I'm going to need you to go to get your LIFE. Org and see what people think of your shit that not making money! Get into DAWN!!!!!!

  • A true Artis love the dance, fashion, video, damn everything was on point. Get into Dawn!

  • Wow! Every music video should do this. Very cool.

  • She is BEYOND amazing. A force to be reckoned with, and a message to be told. #itsamovementnotafanbase

  • Say what you want but this is by far the best videos of 2012. Everything was done correctly!!! & The damn chica can dance her ass off, IN HEELS!!! lol. I love those choobakka shoes by Brian. HOT HOT HOT You go DAWN!!!

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