Living with HIV - Andrew


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Uploaded by on Dec 21, 2009

A frank conversation between Dr Steve Taylor and on of his HIV patients




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  • coz the "blue pill" wasnt fun enoughf:)matrix late?

  • Get off youtube and open up a book on HIV/AIDS. Seriously, I know you mean well and are trying to spread a message which you think is right, but that documentary is an absolute disgrace to medicine. Again, nothing wrong with asking questions but we are talking about a disease that has absolutely been proven to exist - why do so many (not talking about you) people like to pretend to be doctors?

  • Since when did we leave it up to corporations to be the sole educators of the public?

  • Yeah, I'm sick of all these greedy businessmen and greedy companies convincing the public that HIV is no big deal. The reason they do this is so people don't use protection, wind up HIV positive, and wind up having to give these companies tons of money for meds. Disgusting and immoral.

  • Dont have to be be a complete prick all your can take a day off once in a while you know.

  • PLEASE- just use a condom! yes you can live with it, but HIV is still a horrible disease

  • He's making out as though HIV is this chronic infection you can live with, and not something you can die of, some young people watching this might get wrong impression. He doesn't mention all the side effects of medication, or the fact that they don't always work, or simply that they're not available to everyone in all countries. HIV is incurable!

  • Watch House of Numbers. Is ''HIV'' the cause of ''AIDS''?

  • Scientists are backtracking now that the ''HIV/AIDS'' theory is bankrupt: Nobel Loreate and discoverer of ‘HIV’, Luc Montagnier: The body can naturally get rid of ‘HIV’


  • its not so hard. its retarded so many gays got diseases. they ALL dotn take responsilibilty. just wear a condom. PERIOD. no one seems to realize that. stupid folks. FOR REAL

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