Deficit Reduction Panel Failing


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Uploaded by on Nov 21, 2011

The Congressional super committee is unlikely to reach an agreement. Political comedian Jimmy Dore and Michael Shure discuss while guest hosting on The Young Turks.

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  • This is what TYT should be more. REAL discussions!

  • I agree, but you should still care that Bush was worse, I mean he started an unnecessary WAR, literally killing thousands of Americans and who knows how many millions? of Iraqis

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  • what happened to this guy, i like him, he has passion lol

  • yeah..look at it now, it's starting to suck

  • I usually like Young Turks and think their channel is good way to find out what is happening in American politics, so it is hard to believe how much they got wrong in the few sentences about Greece and Italy. If you don't know anything about situation in Europe than don't talk about it, instead of getting even the most basic facts wrong.

  • i hate the guy with the facial hair he dose everything he can to make obama not to look as bad

  • There's still plenty of people out there dying every year because they can't afford treatment for various illnesses. This simply isn't acceptable at any level and Obama failed to nail this into people's heads. Glad you're doing fine, but there are people this year who lost somebody ONLY because they didn't have health care, and it didn't have to be that way. You call that being privileged? Wow

  • Dore nailed it...this is a game being played out between Washington and Wall Street, we have no power in this government anymore, unless you have the money to buy people off.

  • Michael, I've been with you for a long time (and thus, weakly with Obama) but time really is up...he's had 4 years, and all we get our half-measures and excuses, and oftentimes liberal causes have been ignored outright (ex. war on drugs has ESCALATED under Obama...)

  • It's nice to see someone on TYT supporting a real progressive like Nader.

  • obama took a neutral stance on OWS its too controversial for both sides. Too many times he keeps syaing "im for the little guy" so he writes a bill that helps pay for people's houses and then adds a clause that helps the rich. OWS doesn't have an actual stance, they are just anti-corporatist and they will never have a single motive because people are there for different reasons and it has no head to direct the body

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