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Today through 10/21, infectious disease experts will be presenting in San Diego. Check out these sessions:

New research finds that death rates in the U.S. declined for most groups of people between 1993 and 2007:

A recent study suggests that nearly one-third of men with anal cancer have . Read more:

About 1 in 5 Latinos infected with HIV doesn’t know it, and more than 1/2 of Latinos have never been tested for HIV.

Hispanics are apprx. 16% of population but represent est. 19% of people living w/ in the United States.

Hoy es el Día Nacional de Concientización sobre el entre los . Visita nuestra página para aprender más:

The rate of new infections among Latinas/Hispanic females is almost 4X that of white females in the U.S.

The rate of new infections among Latino men is almost 3X that of white men in the United States

Study finds that people living with have an increased risk of developing esophageal and stomach cancers:

Did you know that Monday, October 15th, is National Latino Awareness Day? Watch for the hash tag on Monday.

View the recently updated slide set, “HIV Surveillance in Urban and Nonurban Areas,” from

The rate of new HIV infections among Hispanic/Latino women is more than four times that of white women. is October 15

has many benefits: saving the life of a , protecting newborns from & protecting other children from orphanhood.

Have /AIDS treatment or research questions? Contact to have your questions answered confidentially.

can make people more susceptible to infection & HIV-infected individuals more infectious.

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