I never get the flu: 60


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Uploaded by on Nov 16, 2010

No more excuses—you need a flu vaccine.

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  • Maintain a healthy immune system by eating a good diet based on nutrient dense foods and engage in regular vigorous exercise. It is crazy to inject a virus into your system, the chemicals that come along with it are toxic, and it's only got three flu bugs in it...what's the chances you will encounter one of those?? Big Pharma at work here.

  • I have never had a flu shot. I usually get the flu, sometimes twice a year. Sometimes I will go 5 years with out it, it doesn't last very long and my body recognizes it and kills it.

  • If you catch the flu and then pass it on to someone who has fragile health and dies, then you KILLED THEM, when you could have simply gotten the flu shot!

    Get the flu shot or you are worse than an abortion doctor.

  • the CDC will huff and puff and blow your house down if you don't buy a flu shot

  • lol what about all the possible side effects that vaccines can cause ? and that INCLUDES DEATH

  • how can the flu blow my house down?

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