Influenza animation - flu virus mechanism


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Uploaded by on Dec 27, 2011

Animation of the mechanism of an influenza virus and how Crucell's antibodies target the HA1 proteins on the virus and prevent further spread of influenza.

Client: Crucell
Direction, Design & Animation: Daniel Lim, 2Preform
Music & Sound Design: Javier Barrero, Logical Disorder
Production Company: David Hager, All Terrain Media


Science & Technology


Standard YouTube License

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Uploader Comments (HagerDavid)

  • Great video, really helped me understand and visualise influenza replication. I was confused about the cleavage of HA, after a bit of research I discovered the HA 'spike' is cleaved by a protease when budding from a cell (when it matures). I thought that the cleavage occured before the internalisation into an endosome.

    Again, great video!

  • @jasonPianist: thank you for your kind comment. What you see in this animation is scientifically proven in preclinical tests.

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  • This is very helpful. I now understand how influenza virus works.

  • You mean T-virus or G-virus lol.

  • healmenature. com

  • thumbs up if you have the flu right now

  • The attack cells kill off the infected ones and send it out of the inside surface and we start to cough to get that dead cell out of our body, that's how we know that the T cells are winning the fight against the virus :)

  • thank you so much for the video, i have one question , you said what the immune system does to prevent the virus from spreading, what about the cells that are already infected. for example in a mild virus, a one that causes a common cold, what does the immune system do to restore the health in those infected cells

  • Such perfect little killing machines.....

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