Diet Eating Junk Food or Fast Food Only


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Uploaded by on Feb 8, 2008

A documentary of a weight loss diet experiment for a junk food junkie with daily weigh-in. I hated how Super Size Me was blaming McDonalds for obesity. What the movie did to the Super Size meals was just wrong. I attempt a diet and test to see if I can lose weight in a week through excercise. During the week, I reduced the amount I normally eat but contintued to eat the types of foods I normally eat(junk food). I believe I kept it under 3000 calories each day. I binge eat after the diet for fun(7:26)to regain my energy. Unlike vegetables, fast food is great fuel and tastes good. My favorite is the Burger King Whopper!

Recently I have been lazy about exercise and gained some weight. I decided to start a weight loss diet after being called fat for the first time in my life (possibly a joke, but I can't tell and took it as a challenge to lose some pounds.) Keep in mind that I have been eating a lot of food over the past few days before deciding to diet. I estimate that I had 2-3 pounds worth of food left to digest on the day I started the diet. Also consider that I have what I call a Japanese metabolism.

Note: Although I believe obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol are preventable by exercise, there could be other health risks you must be willing to accept to eat like me.


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  • Jesus Christ, how much money do you spend on food a month?

  • @HahaJennee he is eating below maintenance, ofcourse he will loose weight

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