How to Gain Weight -- Foods


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Uploaded by on Sep 12, 2010

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9 tips and tricks that worked for me, Please comment down below and let me know of some things that have worked for you????

Watch my weight gain progression:

and Part 2


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  • I wish I could use all those tips..

    My fall back used to be Complan (like ensure), and chocolate, Id always gain a bit with those.. Then my lactose intolerance stepped up a gear and I have to steer clear of dairy altogether now :(

    Now IBS has also kicked in and I have a hard time digesting potatoes and rice etc.. Seriously, if it wasnt hard to gain before all this, its near impossible now! Misery!! :(

    So pleased you managed to gain some weight though, well done. You look really well :) xx

  • I am lactose intolerant too :( But mines has gotten better over the years. I know the ones I drink say they are lactose free but I know when my my lactose intolerance was more severe I still couldnt drink them either. Hmmm I am going to try to research other foods that may be helpful in gaining weight for people that are lactose intolerant, have IBS, or other digestive issues.

  • These are good ways to gain weight, but they arent the healthy ways

  • some i mentioned are healthy and some aren't. I was mainly describing what i did. But soon I hope to make a video just about the healthy ways to gain weight. I learned while I was gaining weight I did not get enough water and my skin broke out really bad so I hope to make a video how what I did can be tweeked a bit to be more healthy.

  • well I have to try this.. where can i find the Liquid Nutritional supplements ?? w.e its called lol

  • They have them at any grocery store, walmart, and CVS. I usually get mines from CVS. They have alot of brands from boost to ensure to the CVS brand which is the cheapest. Make sure the one you get says PLUS at the end and has 350 calories per can. You can usually find them in the aisle that has slimfast and stuff like that

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  • People ask me why i am so skinny, i tell them because i dont eat alot of junkfood and such, they make fun of me for it, so I tell them atleast i wont be fat and ugly with wrinkles all over my legs and arms, and atleast i have muscle, i eat alot of meat with has protein with gains muscle. My family was skinny when they were children, but they have great bodies now. atleast i am not fat, but i want to gain weight in the process too, im a little to under weight ):

  • how long did it take u!?

  • I have the same problem !! I'm 12. and i dont even know my size. I'm flat chesteedd. :(

  • aww your very much weight did you gain per week? and you mentioned tht you are 138lbs how tall are you?

  • How long did it take ?. (:

  • how long did it take you to gain your weight ?

  • This is really helpful! I'm 16 and I weigh 113 but I'm trying to be around 125.

  • ok thx for all your help!

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