Healthy Meal Examples :)


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  • Actually I see what you're doing- going for rapid weight loss by cutting down hard on the calories. I really must caution you then that not only are you slowing your metabolism down, but most people will lose these kind of quick gains. Its much more realistic and maintainable to eat a sustainable diet and exercise. Reasonable weight loss is only 1-2 pounds a week

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  • if you add different spices to chicken or fish will it add calories ?

  • you are so right MszJackieChu!!! if everybody just learned portion control and actually eating there vegies and fruits and ofcourse excercising atleast thirty minuotes a day they could lose weight super fast !

  • The grapes kinda look like cherry tomatos ;O

  • I didn't say that you can target weight loss, its physically impossible.

  • I was wondering if those cartoned egg whites have the same benefits as regular hard boiled egg whites?

  • Not at all! you always need to eat breakfast and its bad to exercise on an empty stomach but give yourself 1-1.5 hrs to digest. Eating after working out is good as well, your metabolism is boosted (but people are afraid to because they think they'll *lose* their gains, but thats not true your body needs nutrition after a good workout)

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