Think About What You Eat (Fast Food Documentary)


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Uploaded by on May 28, 2010

I made this as a project back in 7th grade for the school film festival with the theme "make the world a better place." I have recut it, adding in footage that i never used and redoing some narrations. Beware it is kinda disturbing, but it will give you a MUCH better view of what goes on in the fast food industry.




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  • And funnyman is solo funny. He's like one of the people who will vote no on labeling gmo foods. It's like, I they don't want to know, they just want to eat shit and die AND pay for it as well. The perfect consumer. Wall street loves you drones!!

  • Hey pabious, we don't need to tell you to eat shit and die, your already well on your way!!

  • Um... There are more foods than just fast food and can food you know...

  • Look buddy. I dont tell you how to suck cock.. Dont tell me what to eat

  • i agree with THEFUNNYMAB713!!! :O

  • Fuck the world and Fuck you too bro, I'm going to burger king right now and order a tripple whopper with tripple cheese!!!

  • you may not but you know you too....

  • If we don't eat this then how else can we get the hershy squirts?

  • ....Are you saying you truly don't know what to eat besides fast food?

    Make a sandwich, man. Or, I dunno, some spaghetti, some french toast, a salad, a baked potato.. you don't have to be a master chef to make yourself something to eat. And yeah canned food is good too. Canned beans+tortilla/tomato/cheese=b­urrito.

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