Smoking Kills (The Bryan Curtis story)


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Uploaded by on May 17, 2009

this movie is about the story of Bryan Lee Curtis and how smoking affected his life


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  • And in 20 years you will be dead.

  • I smoke a few cigarettes a day- and have been that way for years. it is possible to enjoy a smoke without being an addict- at least for some people. I also believe for some people, it is possible to smoke heavily indefinitely without dying from it. Some people will smoke and get mortally ill within a relatively short time, because their physiology cannot tolerate the smoke. Alcohol is the exact same way. Just like everything else, this issue is contaminated with half truths and untruths.

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  • This is an extremely atypical outcome of smoking. Smoking only negligibly increases the risk of young onset cancer which is mostly related to genetics. The actual chances of this happening to you should you start smoking is extremely remote. If you are unfortunate enough to be this exceptionally prone to developing cancer then the chances are very high that you will develop cancer of a non-smoking etiology anyway.

  • Just get your mind off it. Don't take that shit and I hope you will quit smoking forget about the Tabaco. Let that Box of Cigs and throw them down the floor and crush them.

  • this is making me teary eyed man. My mother died of breast cancer in 1999 as well as this guy from the cancer. But She used to smoke alot like this guy did. She lived from 1965-1999 as well. R.I.P. MOM

  • I'm a smoker, had my first cigarette the day of my friend's funeral when I was 16 in 2006. Didn't start smoking regularly until 2009. I've tried to quit so many times... almost everyone I know smokes.

    I wish they would just ban the manufacture and sale of them. If people wanted to smoke, they could grow their own tobacco and roll it. We don't need these mega corps pushing them at every gas station, grocery store, Walmart, etc. Better for our health, air, and earth if they'd get rid of them.

  • bullshit two weeks? bullshit

  • I already quit, 2 years ago..overcome at last after been smoking from 1997.

  • DONT SMOKE!!!!!!!! POOR MAN :(

  • looks like im in the depressing part of youtube again

  • ooo a hole year and your still kicking congrates you beat cancer

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