Healthy Eating on a College or any Budget


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Uploaded by on Dec 31, 2009

Meal ideas for eating healthy on a college or any budget.
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Uploader Comments (roundlady)

  • I think it might be better to have the camera person staying in one spot throughout the video then slightly pan from side to side for each plate. Its hard to watch with the camera going back and forth over and over again.

  • Oh I agree...this was a very old video...I'm still learning and just got a new camera too. thanks for the suggestions though...I always want to get better!

  • all of this is carbs... wheres the protien?!

  • Not all carbs. There's protein in beans, cheese, peanut butter, whole wheat pasta, eggs and nuts. Some of these require that you combine them to create a complete protein.

  • this is obviously a female diet though. some of those meals are like 1/3 of a guys portion

  • yes...adjust to your manly-size! I'm glad to see people who are good at math!

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  • food network needs to grab you up!

  • guess what?! I made quesadillas for myself on my college budget! i made whole wheat tortillas, used olive oil, and put mozzarella cheese in the middle! i had some original spaghetti sauce, so i used a little of that to dip them in! it was delicious! thanks for the inspiration! :)

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  • she gave me a lot of good ideas! thanks!

  • Excellent video! btw my uncle used this trusted weight loss diet known as: Impact 790 Diet and decreased 7 kgs within a month. I can't remember the site just Google it.

  • Fruit on a students budget! For a week and a half I ate nothing but value noodles (7p a bag) and drank nothing but tap water because I blew my loan in the union :D

  • Great video!!! I hope you can make some more videos for us poor college kids lol!

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