Exploring Obesity: Depths of the Brain to the Far Pacific


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Uploaded by on Feb 12, 2008

Obesity is often viewed as a problem that involves both health and society, but Jeffrey M. Friedman, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, opens up the possibility that genes are strongly associated with obesity. That is, Researchers believe that genes that predispose individuals to obesity may have evolved to help humans survive in times of famine. A study of a population on the Pacific Island of Kosrae suffering from an explosive increase in obesity may identify new genes that can be used in the fight against obesity. Find out how this cutting-edge research might change the way we view and address obesity.




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  • Thanks for the video.

  • thanks for posting this movie so lot.

  • man as hunter gathering there is no evidence such was the case, it is a belief without any support, and basing a whole dietary regime on it is foolish. as for the islanders spam is crap, we ate a ton of that when young because it was cheap.

    it is not the fat it is the lower nutrient value that is the problem, such a diet is bad for everyone, there is strong evidence that natural fats don't cause obesity.

    but the video was still interesting.

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