Copyright Overview

YouTube Content ID System

YouTube has created an advanced set of copyright policies and content management tools to give rights holders control of their content. YouTube provides content management solutions for rights holders of all sizes across the world, and provides tools to cater to the specific needs of various rights owners.

Content Verification Program

Rights holders with ongoing copyright management needs may apply to join YouTube's Content Verification Program to expedite removal of infringing content. This enables requesting video removals in batch form.
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Audio ID and Video ID

For rights holders who have more complex and high volume copyright needs, Audio ID and Video ID provide automation of content identification and management.
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Copyright Infringement Notification

Use this process to send us individual copyright infringement notifications by mail, fax, or email.

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Copyright Complaint Webform

Fill out this form to file online copyright infringement takedown notifications for specific videos (expedited).

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Use of YouTube's copyright tools is free, and does not require any commercial partnership with YouTube. Content partners who would like to monetize their content can apply to join our YouTube Partner Program.

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