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Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Consumer Assistance Program Grants (CAP Grants)

The Consumer Assistance Program Grants (CAP Grants) provides the resources necessary to help educate and provide accurate information to consumers who are making difficult health care decisions.

CAP Grants to States and Territories

The CAP Grants program provides nearly $30 million in new resources to help states and territories establish or strengthen consumer assistance programs. These programs will empower consumers by providing direct services to answer health insurance questions.

All states and territories may apply for these grants, which will help expand consumer assistance efforts on the state level, including:

  • Helping consumers enroll in health coverage
  • Helping consumers file complaints and appeals against health plans
  • Educating consumers about their rights and empowering them to take action
  • Tracking consumer complaints to help identify problems and strengthen enforcement

Eligible applicants include state insurance departments, state attorneys general offices, independent state consumer assistance agencies, or other state agencies. States and territories may also partner with non-profit organizations that have a track record of working with consumers.

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