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TravelOn a typical day, CBP welcomes nearly 1 million international travelers into the United States at land, air and sea ports. CBP officers use the latest technologies and procedures to assure that travelers from throughout the world are processed rapidly while assuring that individuals who have ties to terrorism or a criminal background are barred from entry.
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Global Entry Program
Expedited Screening, Processing for Pre-screened International Travelers

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Travel Smart
Hurricane Isaac: CBP Port Operations Status
CBP Info Center
Bringing Food into the U.S.
Clearing CBP
Electronic System for Travel Authorization
I-94 and I-94W
Know Before You Go
Restricted/Prohibited Goods
State Department International Travel Information
Tip: Register Items Before You Leave The United States
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Policy Regarding Border Search of Information (pdf - 161 KB.)
APIS: Advance Passenger Information System
Currency Reporting FinCen 105
Final Rule Removing HIV Infection from U.S. Immigration Screening
Locate a Port Of Entry - Air, Land, or Sea
Passenger Name Record (PNR)
Small Vessel Reporting System
Travel Publications
U.S. Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology (U.S. VISIT)
User Fee Decals and Transponders
Visa Waiver Program

CBP seaport
Locate a Port Of Entry - Air, Land, or Sea
CBP operates out of more than 300 air, land and sea ports.
Private Flyers
Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS)
Beginning May 18, 2009, private aircraft pilots must adhere to the requirements of the Advance Information on Private Aircraft Arriving and Departing the United States Final Rule.
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