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ACE: Modernization Information Systems
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ACE is the commercial trade processing system being developed by CBP to facilitate legitimate trade and strengthen border security.

arrowWhat's New with ACE?
- 09/26/2012

The latest and greatest news on ACE.
arrowWhat is ACE?
Information on ACE capabilities, contacts, FAQs, and fact sheets.
CBP is planning on establishing ACE as the single platform for processing all export manifest and related commodity transactions.
arrowACE e-Manifest: Rail and Sea
- 03/16/2012

The transition to ACE for all rail and sea manifest processing has begun. Effective September 29, 2012, ACE will be the only approved system for transmitting required advance rail and sea cargo information and ABI in-bond transactions to CBP.

arrowCargo Release
- 07/30/2012

Information on Cargo Release, the next planned development for ACE.
arrowOpen ACE Programming Issues
arrowACE Entry Summary Process and Policyfeatured see also
The ACE Entry Summary Process document outlines the entry summary workflow in ACE. The ACE Entry Summary Instruction document provides entry summary field descriptions and data requirements. These documents will be updated periodically.
- Cargo Systems Messaging Service
- 02/15/2008

Free broadcasting messaging system that provides up-to-the-minute information on CBP Automated Commercial Trade Interface Systems.
arrowACE Portal Application and Program Participation
- 05/03/2010

Establish an ACE Portal account and access other ACE related programs, including ACE periodic monthly statement.
arrowACE Training and Reference Guides
Learn how to use ACE functionality and reports. Pago Periodico y e-Manifiesto: camiones en Espanol.
arrowACE EDI Messages
Customs and Trade Automated Interface Requirements including ABI-CATAIR, AIR-CAMIR, Sea and Rail-CAMIR and ANSI X12, and Truck e-Manifest-ANSI X12 and UNIEDIFACT.
arrowElectronic Truck Manifest Information
Learn how ACE can help you file mandatory truck e-manifests to comply with new requirements.
arrowTrade Support Network
The Trade Support Network (TSN) is a group of trade representatives who provide input into the design and development of Modernization projects, such as ACE. The TSN is comprised of members only. For more information contact
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ACE: Modernization Information Systems
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 ACE Federal Register Notices
 ACE Entry Summary Process and Policy
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 International Trade Data System (ITDS)
 Required Advance Electronic Presentation of Cargo Information for Truck Carriers Federal Register Notice:
 Recent Interest Rates
 Assessment and Mitigation of Claims for Liquidated Damages for Nonpayment or Late Payment of Estimated Duties Under the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Periodic Monthly Statement Payment Process Test Federal Register Notice
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