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 David V. Aguilar
 Office of Chief Counsel - Alfonso Robles, Chief Counsel
 Commissioner's Staff Offices
 Office of Public Affairs
 Office of Congressional Affairs
 Office of Human Resources Management
 Office of Field Operations
 Office of Information and Technology
 Office of Internal Affairs
 Office of Administration
 Office of Training and Development
 Office of International Affairs
 Office of Border Patrol
 Office of Field Operations Contact Numbers
 Office of International Trade
 Press Officers
 Office of International Trade Contact Numbers
CBP Headquarters

1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20229

For questions, comments, or complaints, call the CBP Info Center at (877) 227-5511; (703) 526-4200 for international callers.

Deputy Commissioner
David V. Aguilar

Acting Chief Operating Officer
Thomas S. Winkowski

Chief of Staff
Kimberly O'Connor

Commissioner's Staff
Diversity and Civil Rights
Executive Director
Franklin Jones
(202) 344-1610

Chief Counsel
Alfonso Robles
(202) 344-2990

Policy & Planning
Lewis Roach
Executive Director (acting)
(202) 344-2700

State and Local
Robert Fencel
Director (acting)
(202) 325-0775

Trade Relations
Maria Luisa O'Connell
Senior Advisor for Trade
(202) 344-1440

Joint Operations Division
John Stanton
Executive Director
(202) 344-1474

Strategic Integration
Charles (Pat) Keith
Principal Executive (acting)
(202) 344-3333

Program Development
Sharie Bourbeau
Principal Executive
(571) 468-7477

Executive Secretariat
Joseph Tezak
(202) 344-1040

Non-Government Organization Liaison
Anna Hinken
(202) 325-4365

Assistant Commissioners
Intelligence and Investigative Liaison
Donna Bucella
(202) 344-1150

Field Operations
Kevin McAleenan (acting)
(202) 344-1620

Border Patrol
Michael J. Fisher
(202) 344-2050

Air and Marine
Michael C. Kostelnik
(202) 344-3950

Training and Development
Chris Hall
(202) 325-7100

International Affairs
Charles E. Stallworth II (acting)
(202) 344-3000

Information and Technology
Charles R. Armstrong
(202) 344-1680

Internal Affairs
James F. Tomsheck
(202) 344-1800

Public Affairs
Melanie Roe
(202) 344-1700
Press Officers )

Congressional Affairs
Michael J. Yeager
(202) 344-1760

Administration (CFO)
Eugene H. Schied
(202) 344-2300

Human Resources Management
Katherine M. Coffman
(202) 863-6100

International Trade
Allen Gina
(202) 863-6000
( Office of International Trade Contact Numbers )

Technology Innovation and Acquisition
Mark Borkowski
(571) 468-7500

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