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Clearing CBP
A sample declaration form. A CBP Officer uses a highly sophisticated scanner to look for organic and inorganic materials that could be dangerous.
- Non-Commercial Vehicle Importations for Non-Residents
- 01/21/2009

Provides guidelines for the importation of personal vehicles for personal use by nonresidents.
- U.S. Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology (U.S. VISIT)
A program designed to protect the country from terrorist attacks by tightening the border security and recording the entry and exit of non-U.S. citizens to and from the USA.
arrowCBP Traveler Entry Forms
Whether you are a visitor to the United States or U.S. citizen, each individual arriving into the United States must complete one or more of U.S. Customs and Border Protection's (CBP) entry forms. This publication will provide you with detailed instructions on filling out those entry forms.
- The CBP Inspection Process
- 01/30/2007
The CBP Inspection Process - pdf versionpdf - 117 KB.
arrowRestricted/Prohibited Goods
- Registration for Dutiable Personal Articles Prior to U.S. Departure
This is a prior to U.S. departure "Certificate of Registration" (CBP Form 4457) for personal articles (cameras, laptops, etc). The certificate provides proof of article ownership and therefore may secure the article exempt of customs duties on U.S. reentry with exceptions.
- Bringing Agricultural Products Into the United States
- 02/29/2012
- U.S. Residents Importing and Exporting Vehicles
A vehicle transported/driven from the United States for non-commercial or private use outside the country may return duty free to the United States, if CBP is provided specific proof of U.S. origination.
arrowBusiness and Government Travel
- Truck FAQs on the Trade Act of 2002 - Mandatory Advanced Electronic Cargo Informationfeatured see also
- 10/19/2005

Answers to frequently asked questions on mandatory requirement for commercial trucks.
Truck FAQs on the Trade Act of 2002 - Mandatory Advanced Electronic Cargo Information - doc versiondoc - 94 KB.
arrowPassenger Name Record (PNR)
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 Truck FAQs on the Trade Act of 2002 - Mandatory Advanced Electronic Cargo Information
(doc - 94 KB.)
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 U.S. Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology (U.S. Visit)
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