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Did You Know…?
Facts from CBP history.

- Did you know that the Border Patrol’s motto “Honor First” dates to the 1930s?
- 10/01/2012
- Did You Know… A Rare Photograph Offers A Glimpse into the Oldest Building Owned and Occupied by the Federal Government in the Continental United States?
- 09/10/2012
arrowDid You Know...Customs and Immigration Officers Helped 'Kidnap' Chinese Girls to Save Them
- Did you know... That CBP Sends Teams to Get a "Jump" on Fraudulent Imports?
- 07/02/2012
- Did You Know... Fires, Ships, Railroads and a Year-Round Ice-Free Harbor made Portland the Premier Port of Entry in Maine?
- 06/06/2012
- Did You Know… The Border Patrol March was Written in the Halls of the Plattsburgh Army Barracks?
- 05/02/2012
arrowDid You Know... Marijuana Was Once a Legal Cross-Border Import?
arrowDid You Know a Former Slave Bought His Master’s House and Served as a Collector of Customs?
arrowDid You Know... How the Border Crossing at Morses Line, Vt., Got Its Name?
arrowDid You Know... 'Psychedelic' Signage Welcomed Visitors at U.S. Border Crossings?
- Did You Know… Legacy CBP Staff Combed Remains from Ground Zero at Fresh Kills Landfill?
- 09/30/2011
arrowDid You Know… Customs in the Civil War Was A House Divided?
arrowDid You Know… 1916 San Francisco Customs Employees Published A Tribute to Their Co-Workers?
- Did You Know…CBP is Collecting 9/11 Remembrances?
- 06/01/2011
arrowDid You Know... San Francisco's Customhouse Marks Its Centennial This Month?
arrowDid You Know... Samuel Swartwout Skimmed Staggering Sums?
arrowDid You Know... In 1927, the First Female District Immigration Commissioner Was Appointed?
- Did You Know... A CBP Employee was the 'First Man to Sit on Top of the World?'
- 02/01/2011
arrowDid You Know… CBP Battled Black Market Bullion?
arrowDid You Know... CBP Slowed Smuggling in Saigon?
arrowDid You Know… Thomas Melvill, Herman Melville and Nathaniel Hawthorne Are Part of CBP History?
- Did You Know… CBP Works With Tribal Governments to Modernize Travel Documents?
- 09/29/2010
arrowCentury-Old Obelisks Mark U.S-Mexico Boundary Line
arrowCBP Furthered a Feat of Flight
- CBP's Legacy Agencies Have Worked Side-By-Side for Nearly a Century
- 07/01/2010
- CBP Protects Legitimate Diamond Trade, Thwarts Importation of 'Blood Diamonds'
- 06/01/2010
- B.Y.O… H? Early Border Patrol Agents Met with Stringent Requirements
- 05/03/2010
arrowDid You Know…CBP Supported Sweet Standards?
- 04/01/2010
- CBP Works with Other Government Agencies to Protect the Public from Viruses and Diseases
- 03/04/2010
- Border Patrol Was Instrumental in Ending 'Long Night' of Segregation in American South?
- 02/01/2010
- Former 'Contrabandista' Using Confiscated Aircraft Started Rogue Customs Air Brigade
- 01/04/2010
- Passports Provided Protection from Pirates
- 11/30/2009
- CBP Shares Responsibility for Receiving the Remains of Fallen Soldiers who Die Abroad
- 11/09/2009
- Massive Flood in 1864 Altered Course of Rio Grande Resulting in Border Dispute
- 10/01/2009
- Insect Infestation Initially Derailed Japan’s Cherry Tree Gift to Nation
- 08/20/2009
- During the Prohibition Era There Were 3 Federal Border Patrols
- 08/018/2009
- A Customs Officer is Known as 'Father of the Typewriter'
- 07/01/2009
A Customs Officer is Known as 'Father of the Typewriter' - pdf versionpdf - 6,050 KB.
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