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 What Records Can CBP Provide Under FOIA?
 How to File a CBP FOIA Request
 Tips for Describing Records Requested Under FOIA
 Importer Trade Activity (ITRAC) Requests
 FOIA Library
 CBP FOIA Contacts
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 Tips for Describing Records Requested Under FOIA
How to File a CBP FOIA Request
How to Request Information Regarding Entry and Exit

Note: CBP does not have records on the entry and exit of persons arriving or departing the U.S before 1982.

Step One: Prepare a clearly written and signed request including the following information:

Detailed Information Regarding Request:

  • Provide a clear and detailed description of the records being requested. This information will help expedite the search process.
  • Be sure to include whether or not you entered legally or illegally, and provide specific time frames. For example: I am requesting my entry/exit documents from [Month Day, Year].
  • FOIA requests must include:

  • Name/Aliases
  • Date of birth/Dates of birth you may have used
  • Address
  • Consent (if a third party is submitting the request)
  • Parental consent (if you are a minor)
  • Sworn declaration under penalty of perjury or notarized affidavit of identity
  • Death certificate, news article, or obituary (if you are requesting information in regards to a deceased person)
  • Phone number: Include a daytime phone number at which you can be reached should there be any questions about your CBP FOIA request
  • Step Two: Submit the FOIA request to the CBP FOIA Office via email, mail, or fax.

    Requests can be emailed to:

    Requests can be mailed to:

      U.S. Customs and Border Protection

      FOIA Division

      799 9th Street NW, Mint Annex

      Washington, DC 20229-1181

    Requests can also be faxed to: (202) 325-0230

    ( How to File a CBP FOIA Request )

    For questions, please contact the CBP FOIA Office at (202) 325-0150.

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