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Guidelines for Ferry Operations
Interim Design Guidelines for CBP Seaport Passenger Processing Facilities (Cruise Terminals, Ferry, Seaplane, and Private Craft Facilities)

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Technical Design Standards for all Seaport Passenger Processing Facilities, including Cruise Terminals, Ferry (Passenger/Vehicle), Seaplane Processing Facilities, and Private Craft Facilities are currently under revision. These standards apply to all new facilities and facility renovation projects.

In the interim, all transportation lines and/or port operators must contact the local CBP office to coordinate required CBP project approval(s) and assistance in determining project specific requirements. This early coordination with CBP will help ensure the proposed facility meets all CBP operational, security, and safety requirements necessary for CBP approval, occupancy, and operations.

Upon notification, the CBP Field Office will contact the CBP Headquarters Office of Field Operations, Facilities Division, with the following information to be provided by the requesting transportation line and/or port operator in coordination with the CBP Field Office:

  • Location of project
  • Type of operation and CBP areas affected
  • Estimated project commencement date
  • Estimated project completion date
  • Frequency of vessels/crafts
  • Number of arrival passengers per hour (maximum)
  • Passengers expected (year 1)
  • Passengers expected (10-year projected)
  • Anticipated functional space required
  • Number of passport control booths
  • Project staffing implications/requirements
  • Information Technology (IT) implications
  • Security considerations
  • Scheduled, charter, or seasonal arrivals
  • Port(s) of Embarkation (foreign) from where aircraft/vessels will arrive
  • Special interests, if any
  • Port Operator/Transportation Line Project Coordinator POC, title, address, e-mail and telephone number

Upon receipt of this information and once a project has been approved by CBP, OFO Facilities Division work with the Office of Administration, Asset Management (AM), and the Field Office to begin coordination and development of all project specific requirements to include functional space, security, operational, and other requirements.

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