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Know Before You Go
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As an international traveler, you should be aware of the rules for bringing items back from your trip.

- Know Before You Go: Regulations for International Travel by U.S. Residents
- 06/08/2009

For Accessibility Information:
Know Before You Go: Regulations for International Travel by U.S. Residents - pdf versionpdf - 469 KB.
- Top 10 Traveler Tips
- 05/30/2007

For Accessibility Information:
Top 10 Traveler Tips - pdf versionpdf - 880 KB.
- Lo que debe saber antes de viajarfeatured see also (offsite link)
- Traveler's Checklist
- 08/21/2009
- What is CBP?
- 08/21/2009
- Your Inspection
- 08/21/2009
- Terms Used in this Booklet
- 08/17/2009
- Preparing to Return to the United States
- 08/21/2009
- What You Must Declare
- 08/21/2009
- Tip: Register Items Before You Leave The United States
- 08/21/2009
- Types of Exemptions
- 08/21/2009
- For Frequent Travelers
- 08/21/2009
- Duty-Free or Reduced Rates
- 08/21/2009
- Increased Duty Rates
- 08/21/2009
- Determining Duty
- 08/21/2009
- Paying Duty
- 08/21/2009
- Sending Items Back to the United States
- 08/21/2009
- Gifts
- 08/21/2009
- Sending Purchases from Insular Possessions and Caribbean Basin Countries- Duty-Free Shops
- 08/21/2009
- Prohibited and Restricted Items
- 04/05/2012
- Money and Other Monetary Instruments
- 08/21/2009
- Photographic Film
- 08/21/2009
- CBP’s Pledge to Travelers
- 08/21/2009
- DHS Traveler Redress Inquiry Program
- 08/21/2009
- Other Travel-Related Information
- 08/21/2009
- Glossary of Terms
- 08/21/2009
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Know Before You Go
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 Registration for Dutiable Personal Articles Prior to U.S. Departure
 How CBP Handles Traveler Complaints
 Legal Decisions/Publications
Lo que debe saber antes de viajar
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 Currency Reporting Flyer - English Version
(pdf - 42 KB.)
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 Visas (State Department)
 Travel Warnings (State Department)
 Documents Required for Entry into the U.S. (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services)
 What Goods You May Take into Another Country (The Countrys Embassy or Consulate)
 Travelers Health (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
 Foot-and-Mouth Disease (Department of Agriculture)
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