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Northern Border Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has prepared the Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) for Northern Border Activities. The purpose of this PEIS is to provide broad-based analysis of CBP activities that could become required within the next five to seven years in response to yet unknown changes in threat conditions along the 4000 mile border with Canada stretching from Maine to Washington state.

Proposed Action

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) proposes the use of a multilayered law enforcement approach to deploy border security program elements in the most effective combination to respond to any evolution of cross-border terrorist, criminal, and public safety threats along the northern border over the next five to seven years. Border security program elements consist of facilities; technologies for communication, detection, inspection, and surveillance; and land-based security infrastructure. These assets are used by agents, officers, specialists, and other personnel to pursue effective control of air, land, and sea borders between the United States and Canada. Under this proposal, CBP is evaluating alternative programmatic approaches that focus on augmenting particular elements for future responses to evolving threats and changes in security or trade and travel facilitation priorities. These alternative approaches may effectively change the pace of CBP operations and increase CBP’s inventory of physical assets if implemented.

Notice of Availability & Next Steps

A Notice of Availability (NOA) announcing the release of the Final PEIS and a Draft Record of Decision was published in the Federal Register on July 27, 2012. These documents are available for30-days after the publication dateafter which CBP will finalize and issue a notice for the Final Record of Decision in the Federal Register and on this website. The Final PEIS and Draft Record of Decision are provided below.

- CBP Northern Border Activities Final PEIS Volume 1
- CBP Northern Border Activities Final PEIS Volume 2
- Draft Record of Decision
- CBP Northern Border Activities Final PEIS By Chapter
For your convenience, this version of the PEIS is separated into chapters to facilitate quicker download.
- CBP Northern Border Activities Draft PEIS By Chapter
In September 2011, CBP published a draft version of the Northern Border Activities PEIS. Following publication, CBP accepted public comment on the document, which it used to develop the final iteration of the PEIS. This draft version is availble for use in comparing changes between the draft and final versions of the document.
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Northern Border Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement
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