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The goal of the Textiles PTI is to ensure that textile imports, which generate more than 40% of the duties collected by CBP, fully comply with applicable laws, regulations, quotas, Free Trade Agreement requirements, and Intellectual Property provisions.

arrowTextiles and Apparel Enforcement Statistics
These statistics reflect the results of CBP’s assertive approach to textile enforcement
- CBP Participates in Annual Textile Conference in New Yorkfeatured see also
- 11/17/2011
- Enforcement of Pocketing Fabric Rule
CBP is stepping up efforts to verify preference claims in accordance with its commitment to enforce trade preference programs, With $22 billion in apparel imported last year under trade preference programs, it’s important that CBP has a strong textile enforcement program to verify duty-free claims.
- Overview of Textiles: A Priority Trade Issue (PTI)
- 01/03/2011

Textiles as a PTI is to ensure compliance with laws and regulations governing the high-risk nature of imports of textile and apparel products.
- Quota Information for Textile Products
- 04/09/2008
arrowChina Textile MOU
- 02/25/2008

This includes information on the U.S.-China Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The Governments of the United States and China established agreed levels for certain textile products, exported to the United States during three one-year periods beginning on January 1, 2006. Frequently Asked Questions now available.
- DR-CAFTA Pocketing Amendment
- 01/07/2008

A copy of the agreement signed between all Dominican Republic - Central America - United States Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA) parties to modify the textile rules of origin. This document includes the annex that shows the new rules of origin.
DR-CAFTA Pocketing Amendment - pdf versionpdf - 1,248 KB.
arrowFTA Trainingfeatured see also
This is part of the training materials provided by CBP to field Import Specialists for textile preferential treatment rules.
arrowTextile Book Transmittals (TBTs)
- 03/07/2012

Textile information issued for the trade community by the Textile Enforcement and Operations Division.
arrowTextiles and Quotasfeatured see also
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 CBP Participates in Annual Textile Conference in New York

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