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 DCR EEO Complaints Management
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 How to File an EEO Complaint
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 Overview of the EEO Complaint Process
 EEO Issues and Bases
 Informal EEO Complaint Process
 Formal EEO Complaint Process
 Request for Informal EEO Counseling
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EEO Investigations

Role of Investigator
The Equal Opportunity Investigator is a person officially designated and authorized to conduct inquiries into discrimination claims raised in EO complaints. Under the direction of Specialists in the Complaints Processing Center, the Investigator serves as an unbiased fact finder whom identifies and secures relevant information from interviews and records, and compile thorough, impartial and appropriate factual records, known as investigative files (IF). Investigators administer oaths, execute affidavits, and gather and organize evidence for those who have the responsibility for settling complaints or rendering final decisions.

Role of Complainant
The Complainant is responsible for providing a statement and supporting evidence addressing the alleged act of discrimination. The Complainant has the burden of proving, by a preponderance of the evidence that unlawful discrimination occurred.

Role of Alleged Responsible Official(s)
The alleged Responsible Official is a management official and/or deciding official who took the action that is allegedly discriminatory. He or she is responsible for providing a statement addressing the alleged discriminatory act and providing documentary evidence in explain his or her reason for taking the action.

Role of Witnesses
Witnesses are persons who provide information that tends to prove or disprove allegations of discrimination. Their information may be provided through formal statements called affidavits or declarations, or they may be called to testify at an administrative hearing. Witnesses may be identified by the complainant or by agency officials. Witnesses who are government employments are expected to operate fully in all stages of the processing of an employment discrimination complaint.

Report of Investigation (ROI)
The Report of Investigation, also referred to as Investigative File, contains statements, documentary evidence and policies and procedures secured by the EO Investigator addressing the alleged discriminatory acts. The ROI is to contain information sufficient to allow a decision-maker to determine whether unlawful discrimination occurred.

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