• Signed 18 direct tax breaks that bolster small business growth, including new credits for hiring unemployed workers and veterans and investing in new equipment.
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  • Supported lending to more than 166,000 small businesses through community banks, state-run loan programs, and the Small Business Administration.
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  • Reformed patent law to help entrepreneurs bring their inventions to market sooner, reduce patent application backlog, and protect U.S. intellectual property abroad.
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  • Cut red tape to help small businesses and entrepreneurs raise capital from investors more efficiently so they can expand and hire more quickly.
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  • Established a tax credit that helped an estimated 360,000 small businesses with the cost of providing health insurance for 2 million workers in 2011. The credit will increase in 2014.
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  • Launched a centralized, one-stop shop to make it easier than ever for businesses of all sizes to access services to help them grow, hire, and export.
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  • Launched an initiative to accelerate high-growth entrepreneurship by expanding access to capital, cutting red tape that stifles breakthroughs, and creating new opportunities in underserved areas and emerging markets.
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28 million American small businesses create 2 of every 3 new jobs and employ half of the nation's workforce

What's Next

  • Keep taxes low for 97 percent of small businesses by extending tax credits that will expire in 2013.
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  • Jumpstart small business hiring by cutting taxes for businesses that hire new workers or pay higher wages.
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  • Renew tax breaks that allow companies to immediately write off the total cost of certain purchases like computers and machines to encourage investment.
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  • In 2014, small business will be able to shop for affordable health insurance plans through state-based marketplaces, and be eligible tax credits that cover up to 50% of the cost of providing health care for employees.
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  • Permanently eliminate capital gains taxes on certain small business stock held for more than five years to encourage investment that provides crucial funding for small businesses.
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The Small Business Hiring Income Tax Credit would spur more than $200 billion in new hiring & pay raises