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FDA Basics: Animal & Veterinary

FDA Basics




The manufacture and distribution of food additives and drugs that will be given to animals are regulated by the Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM). These include animals used for human food, as well as food additives and drugs for pet (or companion) animals.

Do You Know…
Where do I go to report problems with flea and tick products?

The process for reporting a problem with a flea and tick product varies based on the agency you are reporting the problem to. To ensure a speedy response, please check the product’s label to see which agency regulates the product in question.

If a product is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it will have an EPA Registration Number (sometimes written as “EPA Reg. No.”) on the label. If a product is regulated by FDA, it will typically have the statement “Approved by FDA” followed by a six-digit New Animal Drug Application (NADA) or Abbreviated New Animal Drug Application (ANADA) number on the label.  More…

FDA Basics Videos

Tracey Forfa

Watch a video about the human-animal bond

Tracey Forfa, the executive director of the Center for Veterinary Medicine, speaks about how the human-animal bond connects with public health. Watch FDA Basics Videos...



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