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Notification and Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation Act of 2002 (The No FEAR Act)

The No FEAR Act Library

Equal Employment Opportunity Data Postings Pursuant to the No FEAR Act

Internal Complaint Activity

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FY 2012 3rd Quarter
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Veterans Benefits Administration TXT-130KB PDF-606KB
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The No FEAR Act Authorities
Issue Date Document Title
May 15, 2002 The No FEAR Act - Policy
[TXT-32KB]  [PDF - 51KB]
May 15, 2002 The No FEAR Act Notice
[TXT-10KB]  [PDF - 28KB]
January 26, 2004 The No FEAR Act - EEO Posting Requirements
[TXT-126KB]  [PDF - 45KB]
May 10, 2006 The No FEAR Act - Judgment Fund
[TXT-22KB]  [PDF - 58KB]
July 20, 2006 The No FEAR Act - Notification & Training
[TXT-36KB]  [PDF - 110KB]
August 2, 2006 The No FEAR Act - Title III Posting Requirements
[TXT-70KB]  [PDF - 106KB]
December 28, 2006 The No FEAR Act - Reporting & Best Practices
[TXT-42KB]  [PDF - 67KB]
March 14, 2012 The Secretary's EEO, Diversity, and No FEAR Policy Statement
[Text 115KB]  [PDF - 321KB]

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