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  • Robert Hoover reflects on years of research on DES exposure and adverse outcomes among DES daughters in an NCI Cancer Bulletin video and article.

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  • SAVE THE DATE! Statistics in Biomedical Research: Making and Translating New Discoveries. November 10, 2012 @ Natcher. Registration and abstract submission are now open.
  • Breast cancer patients with high density mammograms do not have increased risk of death. Find out more in the NCI Press Release
  • NIH launches RadRAT, a new online tool for researchers to estimate cancer risk from radiation exposures
  • DCEG research fellow's work on human microbiome cited as NHGRI 'Genome Advance of the Month'. Full paper available at PLOS
  • NIH study finds childhood CT scans linked to leukemia and brain cancer later in life. Find out more in the NCI Press Release
  • NIH study finds that coffee drinkers have lower risk of death. Find out more in the NCI Press Release
  • Scientists find that chromosomal abnormalities are associated with aging and cancer. Find out more in the NCI Press Release
  • U.S. population data show no increase in brain cancer rates during period of expanding cell phone use. Find out more in the NCI News Note
  • Heavy exposure to diesel exhaust linked to lung cancer death in miners. Find out more in the Press Release, Q & A and the Cancer Bulletin