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Administrative Investigation of the FY 2011 Human Resources Conferences in Orlando, Florida

VA OIG opened an administrative investigation upon receiving allegations of wasteful expenditures related to HR conferences held in Orlando, FL, in July and August 2011. While VA reported lower estimates of conference costs to Congress, we reconstructed the costs of the two conference events to be approximately $6.1 million, but...More

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Audit of VA’s Systems Interconnections with Research and University Affiliates

We conducted this audit to determine the effectiveness of VA’s management of its systems interconnections and data exchanges with external research and university affiliates. We found VA has not effectively managed its network interconnections and data exchanges with its external research partners. VA could not readily account for various...More

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Postal Employee Admits to Stealing VA Prescription Medication From the Mail

Watertown, NY, Postal Employee Faces Up to 5 Years for Stealing Prescription Drugs from Veterans ...Read this press release

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Review of VA's Alleged Incomplete Installation of Encryption Software Licenses

OIG substantiated the allegation the Office of Information Technology (OIT) had not installed and activated all of the 300,000 encryption software licenses purchased in 2006 at a cost of about $3.7 million. We also found OIT purchased an additional 100,000 licenses in 2011. As of July 2012, OIT had...More

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Audit of VBA's Liquidation Appraisal Oversight in the Cleveland and Phoenix Regional Loan Centers

OIG evaluated the effectiveness of the VBA’s Loan Guaranty Program (Program) which paid just over $1.4 billion to acquire about 14,000 foreclosed real estate properties. We found improvement of liquidation appraisal oversight was needed at the Cleveland and Phoenix Regional Loan Centers. Comparable properties and sales price adjustments were...More

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Owner of Old Saybrook Physical Therapy Practice Pleads Guilty to Obstructing Federal Audit

Connecticut Man Faces Up to 5 Years in Prison and $250,000 Fine for Altering Patient Physical Therapy Records...Read this press release

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Audit of VA’s Savings Reported Under OMB’s Acquisition Savings Initiative

The OIG conducted this audit to determine if VHA reported accurate and supportable savings as part of OMB’s acquisition savings initiative for FYs 2010 and 2011. VA set a 2-year savings goal of approximately $1.5 billion for FYs 2010 and 2011, which included a $721 million goal for VHA. ...More

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