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On December 6th, for the 90th time, we'll celebrate the lighting of the National Christmas Tree. Sign up for your chance to join today: 
Pedro R Rodriguez Peterrodriguez
Que toda la dicha y una nueva estadia en la Casa Blanca. The White House del Presidente Baraco Obama nos permita poder selebrar nueva mente un nuevo ano con mucha alegria y logrando un acojido progreso para todo los EE. UU.. FELIZ NAVIDADES Y PROPERO ANO NUEVO.
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Vice President Joe Biden and his daughter Ashley Biden watch the third presidential debate from a hotel room in Toledo, Ohio.
Matthew Oelking
Did not like Biden until I saw him speak to 911 Victims. We have  Good Men(imperfect of course) and Strong Wow-Men in the office of oval.USA Feels like the 80's to me. The early 80's were spectacular and optimistic and patriotic. Militant were those TRUE CONSERVATIVES and American CAPITALISTS. The TRUTH has no commercials.
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"We’ve taken action to help responsible homeowners refinance their mortgages...just this year hundreds of thousands of Americans who were stuck in high-interest loans have been able to take advantage of historically low rates and are saving thousands of dollars every year. And now I want every homeowner in America to have that chance." -President Obama in his Weekly Address:
President Obama urges Congress to act to build on the momentum we are seeing in the housing market by helping responsible homeowners refinance, saving $3000 a year.
Ronald Tencate
Take a look in the past,and you will see that the USA been ruled for more than 400 years by blue eyed peopel. Now whith obama we have the opurtunity to build our infrastructure, and our culture. Dont forget that blue eyed peopel, were against brown eyed peopel, there  spiritual and cultureal educacion!Thats why am wrihting this, for brown eyed peopel in usa.To understand why its good to vote one Barack Obama, Jefferson were look at brown eyed peopel, like beast! Hey were heaving economy from slave drivers and slaves, just like Wrihte.Lincoln stopt it after more than 263 years off slavery, from brown eyed peopel one usa tertory.So dont forget, why hey is a symbol from democraty!  So you can go save and with a good feeling inside your heart, to the devote room, to vote one OUR HONESTLY PRESIDENT SUPER B BARACK OBAMA.........And dont forget hey is the first brown eyed president, from the united states from america! Yes hey is...........dont forget the country is from the   indians.  Thats is usa today democraty and justice......................Duck...................
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West Wing Week: 10/19/12 or "The Power of We": This week, the President reflected on the state of the auto industry, the White House opened its garden to the public for its annual tours, and WH Curator Bill Allman spoke on the history of the Presidential Seal.
Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that's happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. This week, the President reflected on the state of the auto industry, the White House opened its garden doors to the public for its annual tours, and honored blog action day, while Bill Allman spoke on the history of the Presidential Seal. That's October 12th to October 18th or "The Power of We."
Ryan Ng
Right wingers.
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Today, the White House has gone purple online for LGBT Spirit Day:
Going Purple for Spirit Day | The White House »
We're marking Spirit Day 2012 at the White House.
Alicia Glass
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"We refused to throw in the towel and do nothing. We refused to let Detroit go bankrupt. We bet on American workers and American ingenuity, and three years later, that bet is paying off in a big way." -President Obama in his Weekly Address:
President Obama talks about his choice to rescue the American auto industry from collapse and save more than one million American jobs.
Louis Murphy
What important world news.
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Tom Broad
Louis Murphy... did you +1 your own comment?
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West Wing Week: Your guide to everything that's happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. This week, the President established a new, national monument in honor of Cesar Chavez, declared Fire Prevention Week, and sat down with Diane Sawyer:
Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that's happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. This week, the President established a new, national monument in honor of Cesar Chavez, declared Fire Prevention Week, and sat down with Diane Sawyer, while the White House honored educational innovators and 4-H and FFA Champions of Change. That's October 5th to October 11th or "Our journey is never hopeless, our work is never done."
hernan miranda
Hoy hermanos latinoamericanos tengo un mensaje para ustedes y para el hombre de negocios Mitt Romney,discurso de este "jobs,jobs,jobs, Presidente y creador de Bain Capitals,si los jobs,jobs,jobs que ofrece en su campaña electoral son como el mismo habla con orgullo de que todos pueden ser ricos como el,no muchas gracias señor Romney,yo no haría quebrar grandes compañías que si le pagaron cientos de millones para hacer una quiebra y hacerse ricos ellos y usted,ahora sabemos cuales son las empresas que lo hicieron rico,y también sabemos cuantos trabajadores quedaron pobres y sin empleo,no me gustaría estar en su lugar porque tendría remordimientos el resto de mi vida,es como robar porque usted podría haber hecho looby para refinanciar las empresas y no ocuparse de aquellos que vivían de los trabajadores de estas,no solamente hizo quebrar los empresarios sino los ex trabajadores,los comerciantes,los proveedores de estos etc,etc, señor Romney el dinero que hizo en Salt Lake City para las olimpiadas debe estar tranquilo en las Islas Cayman,yo les hago saber la verdad en nuestro lenguaje compañeros y compañeras,no con fines electorales,sino para que sepan como ganó su dinero el Candidato Romney,un hombre sin escrúpulos mal honesto y como si fuera poco también vamos a saber lo que pasó con Bain Capitals,las promesas al pueblo de Massachusets tampoco las cumplio,y cuando dejó el Estado este parecía de haber salido de una guerra,amigos y amigas latinoamericanas,con los antecedentes que les doy y que son la verdad absoluta ustedes como yo con OBAMA hasta morir,que Dios bendiga al Presidente Obama,a los Estados Unidos,a nosotros y  que le muestre la salida rapidamente de la política activa,los Republicanos en el Congreso deben después de todo esto mostrarle la salida del Partido y ayudar al Presidente Obama con lo que les pide con todo derecho,a votar,a votar por Barack Obama que los necesita y punto,un abrazo.
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Happy 4th Birthday, Bo!  Check out some highlights from the First Dog's busy year at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue:
Ryan Ng
Hey Bo. Happy b-day.
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"Friday, we learned that the unemployment rate is now at its lowest level since I took office...but too many of our friends and neighbors are still looking for work or struggling to pay the bills – many of them since long before this crisis hit. We owe it to them to keep moving forward. We’ve come too far to turn back now."- President Obama in his Weekly Address:
In this week's address, President Obama says that Congress should act to keep our nation moving forward by keeping taxes low for 98 percent of Americans, cutting red tape so responsible homeowners can save about $3,000 a year on their mortgage by refinancing at lower rates, and creating a veterans jobs corps to help our returning heroes find work.
Charles Mattison
Anything that is positive is good for the country. I believe that it takes a nation to mend together to solve some of the nations issues. We need to grow not be slow. We need not look back at the past because that is what it is the past. But we can learn from the past to not linger on the negative things that is keeping us for being the nation of a whole. But if we look in the future with positve unity we can be a true nation in United We Stand and In GOD we trust.  
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