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Summer 2012

Feature Article

The Cocktail Party Problem: How the Brain Decides What Not to Hear

We take for granted the ability to pay attention to one voice among many in a crowded restaurant or party. But how exactly does selective hearing happen in the brain? Read more.

Recent Research and News

NIH Scientists Explain How Cells Move in 3D

NIDCD and NIDCR scientists have identified two ways in which cells can migrate in three dimensions, as well as the intracellular and extracellular factors that govern which mode of migration will occur. Read the full version.

Inching to the Top

NIDCD intramural scientists describe how one protein helps another in the growth and maintenance of stereocilia, the bristly protrusions from sensory hair cells in the inner ear that turn vibrations into the electrical signals that the brain recognizes as sound. Read the full version.

Variant of Usher Syndrome Gene Preserves Vision and Balance

Usher syndrome, a disorder that causes deafness, blindness, and balance problems, can result from a mutant copy of any one of several different genes. But some mutations of the same genes that cause Usher syndrome can cause hearing loss alone, without any accompanying blindness or balance problems. Read the full version.

NIDCD Researchers Identify Key Proteins of Inner Ear Transduction Channel

NIDCD-funded researchers have identified two proteins that may be the key components of the mechanotransduction channel in the inner ear. Read the full version.

NIDCD Highlights

New 2012-2016 NIDCD Strategic Plan Now Available

The NIDCD has released a new five-year Strategic Plan to help prioritize research funding by identifying areas of outstanding promise and areas where there are gaps in knowledge. Read more.

NIDCD Program Director Travels to Jordan

Lana Shekim, Ph.D., program director of the voice and speech program at the NIDCD, spent two months in Jordan, as a fellow of the U.S. Embassy. Read more.

Grants News

New Clinical Trial Grant Funding Announcements

Two clinical trial funding announcements use a new, cooperative agreement mechanism (U01 and U34). Read more.

NIDCD Olfaction Grantees Elected to National Academy of Sciences

NIDCD grantees John R. Carlson, Ph.D., and Liqun Luo, Ph.D., were recently elected members of the National Academy of Sciences. Read more.