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Is Marijuana Medicine?

Published July 2012.
Offers facts about marijuana's viability as a legal medical treatment.

Nationwide Trends

Published April 2011.
Examines nationwide trends in drug abuse and addiction among youth, describing lifetime, past year and past month use for alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, and prescription drugs. En Español

Comorbidity: Addiction and Other Mental Disorders

Published March 2011.
Offers basic facts about comorbidity between drug use disorders and other mental illnesses, including why these disorders can co-occur, how common they are, and how they are diagnosed and treated. En Español

Spice (Synthetic Marijuana)

Published January 2011. Revised May 2012.
Provides information about spice, a family of herbal mixtures that produce effects similar to that of marijuana, including how it is used, potential health effects, and public health concerns. En Español

Drugged Driving

Published December 2010.
Provides basic facts about drugged driving, including statistics, trends, and teen prevalence, and explains why drugged driving is hazardous, particularly as it relates to marijuana. En Español


Published March 2010.
Provides facts about the stimulant drug methamphetamine, including how it affects the brain, other adverse health effects, possible treatment options, and trends and data on its use among youth. En Español

NIDA's Opportunities for Special Populations

Published September 2009.
Describes NIDA’s programs to ensure issues related to health disparities are represented in extramural research and to increase the number of underrepresented scientists participating in drug abuse research. En Español

Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications

Published June 2009. Revised May 2012.
Provides an overview of commonly abused prescription drugs—opioids, central nervous system depressants, and stimulants—and explains how they affect the brain, treatments available, and reported use. En Español

Lessons from Prevention Research

Published February 2004. Revised August 2011.
Describes principles important to consider when developing drug abuse prevention programs and discusses issues relevant for family, school, and community settings. En Español

Drug-Related Hospital Emergency Room Visits

Revised May 2011.
Provides national estimates on drug-related visits to hospital emergency departments and makes comparisons with previous years’ data. Discusses illicit drugs, alcohol and other drugs, and prescription drugs. En Español



DrugFacts, formerly called InfoFacts, present scientific facts about drug abuse and addiction.

Featured Publication

Featured Publication

Drugs, Brains, and Behavior - The Science of Addiction

As a result of scientific research, we know that addiction is a disease that affects both brain and behavior.