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Written on Monday, 12 January 2009
Last Updated on Saturday, 05 June 2010

The Federal Depository Library Directory (FDLD) is an interface that allows the public to access, search, and export library directory information. The FDLD replaces many of the exisiting library tools.

With the release of the public interface, the FDLD replaces many of the existing library tools. Vendors, partners, libraries and the public can export information from the directory application themselves in three file formats. This export capability replaces the library directory files formerly on the Federal Bulletin Board (FBB), and the pdf file on GPO Access. The FBB files and the pdf of the directory will soon be inaccessible. A table of comparisons of FBB fields and FDLD fields for export is available for comparison purposes. The FDLD ‘Help’ section, available from the FDLD left hand navigation menu, contains export instructions as well as other information about the FDLD.

Now that both the administrative module that enables depositories to access and edit their directory information, and the public interface that enables the public to view that information is in place, the responsibility for keeping directory information current has passed to the libraries. Instructions are provided in the Editing Guidelines, available upon login to the FDLD.

Libraries should no longer use askGPO to notify GPO of changes in their directory information. Libraries can edit in real time their own information as changes occur, and are encouraged to keep their directory information current.

For libraries interested in viewing a presentation about the FDLD administrative module, an OPAL presentation is available on the topic.

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