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Major resources available by ftp (

arrowheadBLAST Basic Local Alignment Search Tool

Download the BLAST database and stand-alone sequence comparison software.

arrowhead CDD Data

Download data from the Conserved Domain Database.

arrowhead CD-Tree

Download the protein domain hierarchy viewer and editor.

arrowhead Cn3D

Download the stand-alone software for viewing 3-dimensional structures.

arrowheadData Repository

Download collections of contributed molecular biology data.

arrowhead dbGaP

Download open access Genotype and Phenotype data.

arrowhead GenBank

Download the full release database, daily updates, or WGS files.

Note: there is a mirror site for GenBank files at Indiana University (

arrowhead Gene

Download gene-based information from completely sequenced organisms.

arrowhead Genome Assembly/Annotation Projects

Download complete genomes/chromosomes, contigs and reference sequence mRNAs and proteins.

arrowhead MMDB

Download NCBI's structure database.

arrowhead NCBI Toolbox

Download the NCBI software tools for building bioinformatics resources.

arrowhead PubChem

Download the database of chemical structures of small organic molecules and information on their biological activities.

arrowhead RefSeq

Download the curated RefSeq full release or daily updates.

arrowhead Sequin

Download the stand-alone GenBank sequence submission software.

arrowhead dbSNP

Download the database of short genetic variations.

arrowhead Taxonomy

Download data files from the Taxonomy database.

arrowhead UniGene

Download data files from the UniGene datasets of non-redundant gene-oriented clusters.

arrowhead UniSTS

Download data files from the UniSTS resource of sequence tagged sites.

Information on how to uncompress *.gz and *.Z files is also available.

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Revised: January 13, 2009.