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ODS Newsletters

The Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) offers three free electronic publications:

ODS Update includes news about ODS programs, staff publications and presentations, dietary supplement fact sheets, databases, meetings and exhibits. It is emailed to the ODS listserv four to six times a year.

The Scoop, our consumer-focused e-newsletter, is sent out quarterly. Each issue has a slightly different theme such as multivitamins or dietary supplements and aging.

ODS informs the listserv about timely announcements through the Special Supplement.

To receive these publications by email, subscribe to the ODS listserv. All past issues are available here on our Web site.

ODS Update Library The Scoop Special Supplement
Summer 2012Summer 2012 PDFPDF 129kB
Winter 2012Winter 2012 PDFPDF 205kB
Fall 2011Fall 2011 PDFPDF 215kB
Spring 2011Spring 2011 PDFPDF 274kB
Nov. 2010PDF documentPDF 248kB
Sep. 2010PDF documentPDF 204kB
May 2010PDF documentPDF 144kB
Mar. 2010PDF documentPDF 190kB
Jan. 2010PDF documentPDF 203kB
Nov. 2009PDF documentPDF 92kB
Sep. 2009PDF documentPDF 315kB
Jun. 2009PDF documentPDF 178kB
Mar. 2009PDF documentPDF 43kB
Jan. 2009PDF documentPDF 60kB
Nov. 2008PDF documentPDF 63kB
Sep. 2008PDF documentPDF 96kB
Summer 2007PDF documentPDF 166kB
Winter 2007PDF documentPDF 191kB
Jul. 2006PDF documentPDF 153kB
Apr. 2006PDF documentPDF 332kB
Jan. 2006PDF documentPDF 296kB
Fall 2005PDF documentPDF 253kB
Summer 2005PDF documentPDF 148kB
Spring 2004PDF documentPDF 180kB
Winter 2004PDF documentPDF 231kB
Dec. 2003PDF documentPDF 222kB
Oct. 2003PDF documentPDF 246kB
Sep. 2003PDF documentPDF 160kB