Misteli Wins Flemming Award

Headshot of Tom MisteliTom Misteli, Ph.D., an internationally renowned expert in cancer cell biology from NCI’s Center for Cancer Research, can now add an Arthur S. Flemming Award to his résumé.

Misteli has pioneered the use of several imaging approaches to study genomes in living cells, in order to understand how genomes are organized in the cell and how spatial organization contributes to their function. Misteli recently became associate director of CCR and heads its newly established Office of Scientific Development.

Misteli’s work this year includes research highlighted in PLoS One on protein quality control pathways that are essential to maintain the equilibrium between protein folding and the elimination of misfolded proteins in cells. His team’s results establish an experimental tool for the discovery of genes that are required for the degradation of misfolded proteins.

Presented in conjunction with George Washington University, the Flemming Awards each year honor 12 outstanding men and women in federal service from the fields of applied science, engineering, and mathematics; research; and managerial or legal achievement.

Flemming was Secretary of Health, Education & Welfare from 1958 to 1961. His federal service bridged 11 presidential administrations.

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