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National Cancer Institute,
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The NCI Annual Fact Book

The NCI Budget in Review

This report provides a summary of the distribution of the Fiscal Year 2011 budget among the various National Cancer Institute (NCI) research programs and funding mechanisms, funding policies influencing grant awards, and comparisons with prior year allocations.  Additional information on the NCI budget is accessible from the NCI Home Page.

The National Cancer Institute reports how NCI appropriated funds are spent in a number of different categories or classifications, including specific cancer sites, cancer types, diseases related to cancer, as well as types of research mechanisms. The Fact Book includes a table showing funding levels over the past five years for frequently requested research areas.


Funds available to the NCI in FY 2011 totaled over $5.058 billion, reflecting an decrease of -0.8% and -$40 million from the previous fiscal year.

Fiscal highlights from FY 2011 include:

  • Of the total NCI budget, 43% of the funds were allocated for Research Project Grants (RPGs).
  • The total number of RPGs funded was 5,019 (includes SBIR).
  • Almost one-fourth of the RPGs awarded were new (Type 1) or competing renewal (Type 2) awards.
  • 1,106 competing RPGs were funded.
  • One-third of the total NCI budget supported ongoing non-competing (Type 5) RPGs.
  • R01 grants were funded to the 7th percentile.
  • 144 grants – totaling over $84 million – were funded as Small Business
    Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) awards.
  • Intramural Research comprised about 16% of the total NCI budget in FY 2011. Of this amount, 10% was for Labs and Bench Research and the remaining 6% was for infrastructure and support.

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