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Welcome to the Alcohol Policy Information System

The Alcohol Policy Information System (APIS) provides detailed information on a wide variety of alcohol-related policies in the United States at both State and Federal levels. Detailed, state-by-state, information is available for the 33 policies listed below. APIS also provides a variety of informational resources of interest to alcohol policy researchers and others involved with alcohol policy issues.

Choose a topic below to see information on a specific policy area:

Beer Taxes
Wine Taxes
Distilled Spirits Taxes
Underage Drinking
Possession/Consumption/Internal Possession
Age of Server-On-Premises
Age of Seller-Off-Premises
Use/Lose: Driving Privileges
Hosting Underage Drinking Parties
False Identification
Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Limits
Adult Drivers
Drivers Under 21
Recreational Boaters
Open Container
Vehicular Insurance: Losses due to Intoxication



Retail Sales
Keg Registration
Beverage Service Training
Sunday Sales
Alcohol Control Systems
Distilled Spirits-Retail
Distilled Spirits-Wholesale
Pregnancy and Alcohol
Warning Signs: Drinking During Pregnancy 
Criminal Prosecution
Civil Commitment
Priority Treatment
Child Abuse/Neglect
Reporting Requirements
Health Care Services and Financing
Health Insurance: Losses due to
   Intoxication  ("UPPL")
Health Insurance Parity


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