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Discover NIDAMED's tools and resources for physicians, patients, medical school faculty and students.


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Medical Education


Why Physicians Should Screen Their Patients (1:08)

What physicians Should Know About Addiction and Recovery: Cliff

How NMASSIST Can Help Guide Physicians Through the Screening Process (0:42)

The Most Important Things I've Learned Through Addiction and Recovery: Rhonda

NIDA’s Addiction Performance Project–What’s It All About?

    Looking for Treatment?

    Use the SAMHSA Treatment Locator or 1-800-662-HELP.

    Opioid and Pain Management CME courses link
    Easy-to-read drug facts site: easyread.drugabuse.gov

    Prescription Drug Abuse

    Medicine Abuse Project - Drugfee.org
    Learn what you can do to
    prevent medicine abuse at

    Featured Publication

    Featured Publication

    Seeking Drug Abuse Treatment: Know What To Ask

    Offers guidance in seeking drug abuse treatment and lists five questions to ask when searching for a treatment program.

    Blending Initiative

    Formed with SAMHSA to reduce the gap between research results and treatment.